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Castle Fraser Canicross Day 2019

09 Nov 2019

This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Organiser's Description

Canicross Aberdeenshire invites you to CASTLE FRASER CANICROSS DAY consisting of two 5km and one 3km canicross race on Saturday 9th November, 2018

Scenic runs through the forest trails around Castle Fraser.

Based at Castle Fraser, Sauchen, Aberdeenshire, AB51 7LD. 4 miles north of Dunecht and 16 miles west of Aberdeen.

Long course is approx 5.2km and the short course approx 3km. It is not possible for the same individual to run in both the morning 5k and also the 3k. Those who wish to run or accompany a child on the short course in the morning have the option to run the afternoon 5k.

Race Day Schedule:

09:00 – 10:00 Morning Race registration
10:00 – Competitors’ Briefing (both morning races)
10:30 – Morning 5K Race Start

10:55 -  3K Race Start (sets off directly after 5k)
12:00 – Morning Race Results / Podium Photos at the Castle

13:00 – 14:00 – Afternoon Race registration
14:00 – Competitors Briefing
14:30 – Afternoon 5K Race start
16:00 – Afternoon Race Results / Podium Photos at the Castle

Results will be announced as soon as possible after each race.

Entry Fee For Each Race is £10, Canicross Aberdeenshire Members (2019-2020) £6

(All competitors need £3 for parking, payable on the day).


DOGS must be a year old on the day of the run, in season, pregnant or lactating bitches are not permitted to run. Bitches in Season should be kept well away from the start / finish area and not taken on or near the course if brought to the event.

In the interests of dog welfare and competitor safety both dog and human runners must run in suitable canicross equipment. This means harnesses for dogs must be suitable for canicross ie not a walking harness. Dogs may wear non-restrictive collars but must also wear a pulling harness. The line must include a bungee section and be attached to a belt worn by the human runners. It is not acceptable to run holding a lead. The organisers reserve the right to have the final decision on the suitability of equipment. Runners with unsuitable equipment will not be permitted to run.

Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times during the race and at the event, if a muzzle is required it should be of the wire greyhound racing style. 

Dogs should not be brought to the event if they are coughing or have recently been in contact with infectious disease eg kennel cough. It is the owners responsibility to ensure their dog is fit and healthy before racing. If in doubt consult your vet.

There shall be no shared drinking bowls at the event, please remember to bring water bowls for your own dogs, there will be water to fill them.

A dog may only run once per 5km race. Depending on your dogs fitness they may run in both morning and afternoon race. 


It is presumed that you are running with your own dog. If you plan to borrow a dog to race with, you must be familiar with each other and have trained together prior to the race. The handler should be aware of the dog's behaviour in a race environment and be responsible for its care throughout the event. You will not be permitted to race with a borrowed dog that you have only just met.


Parking for all participants will be clearly marked from the main drive, please follow the signs as you arrive at venue. Please leave the main carpark free for general public.

Please note, parking charges are as follows: £3 for the full day

The National Trust are very kindly allowing us use of the estate, please respect this by contributing to the up keep by paying to park. Failure to pay for parking will be exclusion from the event.


Run instructions will be emailed to all pre entrants and given verbally at the briefing 30mins before each race start.


Race starts are staggered and seeded for safety and to minimise overtaking. Please put your current 5K personal best time on the entry form (if you don’t know please estimate). The organisers may alter your start position based on historic results if they feel your position in the start list would mean multiple overtakes are likely.


Runners will start individually at 15 second intervals in seeded order.


The course is approx 5km, and is on mainly natural walking paths around the Castle estate, with plenty of twist, turns and undulations to keep you and your dog entertained. Overtaking space is limited in some sections so please make sure to put down a true estimated time.


Drinking water will be available for both Dogs and Humans at the finish area, please bring a bowl for your dog (This is to avoid shared bowls to help reduce the risk of spreading diseases like kennel cough).

Please also bring your own drinks cup or bottle (to minimise our environmental impact).


We will announce the results as soon as possible after the end of each race. We will also post the race results on the club Facebook page and email to race participants shortly after the event.


Prize giving will be at the same time as results are announced. There will be awards for 1st-3rd place in each class. Classes may be amalgamated depending on numbers.


Runners age 7 - 12, on the day of the run, must be accompanied by an adult.  Children over 13 and older may run independently but only with their own family dog as long as the dog is appropriately sized to the child. This is at the organisers' discretion.


The race will be covered by event/public liability insurance but all racers and spectators attend the event and run at their own risk. It is recommended that you hold personal liability insurance for canicross racing, but all racers and spectators attend the event and run at their own risk.


Changes to entry details must be made by email only to castlefrasercanicross@gmail.com

Substituting of dogs is allowed, and can also be made on the day. There is a 50% refund available if you withdraw from the event, and your entry can be filled from the waiting list. If you must withdraw due to injury etc. but marshal instead your entry can be transferred to a future race.

If you wish to change the number of dogs you are running with or change which race you have entered, this must be requested before the closing date for entries. Regretfully we cannot accept any requests for changes after this.


Should the race have to be cancelled or postponed for reason beyond the organisers control or in the event of bad weather, making the course too dangerous to run on we shall post it on the Facebook page, and email entrants. No refund shall be offered in this circumstance, but we will look to reschedule the event for a later date and transfer the entries.


It is the entrants responsibility to check the race is still on before travelling. The organisers will post updates on facebook and email all entrants if there are any last-minute changes - please check your email before travelling.


Please respect the facilities and venue. Clean up after your dog in all event areas and on the course. Failure to clean up after your dog at Castle Fraser will result in exclusion/disqualification. Toilets are located up at the courtyard by the cafe, these should not be used to wash mud off legs, children, dogs, shoes etc. Sinks are for hand washing only. Bring suitable changes of clothes, towels, wet wipes etc. with you. Keep dogs on the lead in ALL areas of the event, the car park, near livestock and on the course.


Please listen to the race briefing and marshals instructions. If your dog(s) is(are) likely to be noisy and excited please do not bring them to the race briefing so that everyone can clearly hear safety instructions. Human and Canine first aiders are on duty at all events wearing high viz yellow vests, please ask if you or your dog are in need of help. If for any reason you fail to finish, but clear the course, please report to the race finish, so that we don't send out a search party!


There is a great cafe on site, give it a visit, the soup and cakes are especially good. When using the cafe, please respect other visitors who might not be so keen on dogs. If the courtyard is crowded and it's possible, please leave your dog in your vehicle.

We also hope that we will have a coffee/snack vendor in attendance to satisfy all caffeine cravings.

Race Directors: Loz Horgan (M: 07908122974) & Aimee Meechan (M: 07814923687)

EMERGENCY VETS : 01467 621429

Donview Veterinary Centre
Burghmuir Place
Blackhall Industrial Estate
AB51 4FW

Canicross Aberdeenshire
Email - castlefrasercanicross@gmail.com 


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The organiser has included pricing details in the Organiser's Description
The organiser has included pricing details in the Organiser's Description
The organiser has included pricing details in the Organiser's Description
For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

Dates and Status

Date: 09 Nov 2019

Closing Date: 04 Nov 2019

Status: Closed

Castle Fraser Afternoon 5km??/100
Castle Fraser Morning 5km??/100
Castle Fraser Morning 3km Short Course??/100


Aimee Meechan



Castle Fraser Sauchen Inverurie Aberdeenshire AB51 7LD OS Ref: NJ722125