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Boundary Park Tri

14 Apr 2019

Sunday 14th April, 2019
Boundary Water Park
Holmes Chapel
CW4 8HT 
Entry Prices:
Adults (18+); £50 (early bird entry before 1st January - £40)
16-18yrs; £20 (early bird £15 pre Jan) 
Relays (2-3 people); £75 (early bird £60 pre Jan) 
Swim (open water); 1km, Bike; 58km, Run; 10km
Swicycle; As above minus the run. Enter as normal then email  to inform us.
As a great early Season standard distance open water tester Boundary Park Tri offers individuals or relay teams of two/three people the chance to race through charming Cheshire on fast, flat courses.
We welcome young people - 16 -18yrs - with a discounted entry price and keep our Tri small but perfectly formed by limiting entry to a maximum of 100 participants. Its always fills quickly so join now!
Add in the medals, treats and you've got the friendliest lil' event around.
Ps, if competing isn't your thing then why not volunteer? Be great to welcome you on board!
David Quartermain


Dates and Status
EventDateAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
Boundary Park Tri Relay14 Apr 2019??/150Open07 Apr 2019
Boundary Park Tri (18+yrs)14 Apr 2019??/150Open07 Apr 2019
Boundary Park Tri (16-18yrs)14 Apr 2019??/150Open07 Apr 2019

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Event Address
Boundary Water Park Allowstock Cheshire CW4 8HT