Velodrome Session has now closed and you will not be able to sign-up for it. Please check the Info for any organiser updates.
This event is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Velodrome Session

16 Feb 17

Velodrome Session.

The session will be between 9pm and 10pm on Thursday 16th February 2017.  It will be fully coached by a professional  and it cost £16.80 to book your place.

This includes fully coached session and bike hire, we will need your bike size, 


 Bike sizing link 


Shoe hire is optional and is an additional cost of £5.20.

Our bikes are fitted with Look Delta pedals, so you can use your own shoes if they have Delta cleats (and are clean). Look Keo cleats feel like they fit, but they do not engage when pressure is applied to the pedals, so cannot be used.


What can I expect from a session?


Your group will be on the track for the hours you have booked, and will be given a set of skills to learn by the coach. Each rider will be provided with a bike (with no brakes and a fixed wheel) and helmet. You need to advise us in advance of your height and inside leg measurements.


What clothing do I need for a track session?


You need to wear two tops, a t-shirt and cycling top or two t-shirts. Singlet vests and bare shoulders are not allowed. Cycling shorts or running shorts and trainers are ideal, or you can hire our Lake cycling shoes, in which case you must wear socks. We can provide you with a Limar helmet for the session if required. If you are wearing your own helmet, read the Safety Guidelines overleaf, and remove the peak if fitted. If you have track mitts, please wear them. If you are wearing long trousers or tracksuit bottoms, they need to be tucked into your socks. If they won’t tuck in, ask reception for a rubber band to act as a trouser clip for your right leg. Do not change clothing in the riders D – use the changing rooms.

Terry Bates


Dates and Status

Date: 16/02/2017

Status: Closed

Total Places: 13

Places Available: ??

14 Feb 2017£16.00

To sign-up for this event, the Service Fee is 4% (min 50p) for each sign-up

Event Address
Manchester Velodrome, The National Cycling Centre Stuart Street Manchester M11 4DQ