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Frequently Asked Questions

Browsing or Shopping?

Organisers can choose whether the competitor should pay the transaction charge upfront, or whether to pay the transaction charge later themselves, or a mixture of both. Where the organiser chooses to pay the transaction charge themselves, there is no surcharge to the entrant.

The Organiser's contact details are shown on the Essentials tab of the info page for the event or membership.

If a Waiting List is available for an event, the option will be shown to you on the Event's page. Not all events support Waiting Lists, and some support limited Waiting Lists.

Please use the Email Form to contact us. We cannot answer questions about particular events, see "How do I contact the event organiser?" for that.

We don't know. Organisers can login and open their events immediately if they wish, and they needn't notify us in advance. Also, much as we'd like to, we can't guarantee that an organiser will continue to use EntryCentral from one year to the next.

User Account Queries

Log in, and scroll down to your list of sign-ups. Click/tap 'Details' and then make changes as required and/or allowed.

The Password Reset screen says we'll send you a password reset link if you own a user account - we are intentionally quiet in cases where an email address does not link to an account, to prevent the system giving away details of which email addresses have accounts and which don't. Check your Spam etc and then try registering a new account.

Users sometimes think they must have an account if they signed-up for something in the past, but many events allow people to sign up as guest users (without an account)

Going to an event?

Each event has its own refund policy. Contact the event organiser, who will determine what you are due according to their own refund policy and/or EntryCentral's refund policy, and will instruct EntryCentral as appropriate

The contact details for organisers are shown on the event's information page.

If you have an EntryCentral account you can login and make the change yourself.
If you signed up as a guest user, you will need to contact the event organiser with enough information to identify yourself, and details of the change you want to make.

These codes have been specified by the race organiser for the event. They often follow guidelines from the National Governing Body. Please contact the individual organiser for more details.

Check your spam folders, if you still can't find it please contact the organiser who can resend a duplicate. If that still doesn't work, it's because your email address is not accepting email from our server and you will have to supply the organiser with another email address.

Your email receipt will tell you whether you signed up as a Guest User, or through a User Account. If you signed up as a Guest User the claim details are in the email receipt; if you signed up through a User Account the claim details are in the sign-up details within your User Account.

The Pass opens in Apple Wallet and similar Android apps. It's a convenient way to store your event data, without needing to search your email for the email receipt and/or carry printouts. There's nothing in the Pass which isn't already in the email receipt, so if you can't open the Pass it won't matter - the email receipt already has all the information you need.

Organising an event?

Please see the Information For Organisers shown below, then use the Email Form to contact us.

For organisers

Launched in 2003, EntryCentral is the leading online entry agency in the UK for multisport events, and we’re working on the other sports.

Simple. Secure. Low cost

Providing secure and simple low cost online entry for entrants and organisers is what we do best. We securely manage over twenty thousand event registrations and club memberships every month, from triathlon to motorcross and from Orkney to Cornwall. We continually improve our service based on feedback from you.

EntryCentral is ideally suited to any event or organisation seeking public sign ups. We offer competitors and you the organiser an easy to use, secure and industry­beating low cost online entry system for races, club memberships or indeed for anything requiring the applicant to fill out a form with their personal details.

With hundreds of events available to choose from, visitors to EntryCentral entering one event often enter several in one transaction.

Simple Setup

Our easy to use system removes the bulk of your paper administration with a simple set up process and features designed to help you manage your data.

  1. Signup information: Organiser contacts EntryCentral.com with information about their event or membership, ideally with links to any existing forms (current or previous).Email Form
  2. Organiser login: EntryCentral sets up a login for the new organiser, and an online form in a testing state.
  3. Testing: The sign-up form is tested and refined until the organiser is happy.
  4. Launch: Organiser launches the form for public sign-ups.

EntryCentral key features

We offer the following management features as standard.

Data management features:

  • A database for all sign-ups, not just online sign-ups. (See Paper Forms)
  • Organisers control their own events and memberships at EntryCentral, through their own personal login.
  • Set up teams of organisers
  • Configurable sign-up forms. You may ask any number of additional questions specific to your event, over and above the usual name, address etc. required for all events
  • Customised sign-up process including event logos, sponsors, and optional charity involvement
  • Series – filling in one form allows one­tick sign-up to other identical events in a series, instead of filling in a form for each one.
  • Festivals ­ groups of sub­events in the same location on the same day that can optionally share one allocation of slots.
  • Weekly financial settlement, paid directly to your nominated BACS details, with an accompanying statement of activity.

Sign-up features:

  • Immediate email receipts
  • Withdrawals and payment card refunds
  • Waiting Lists for events that have reached their limit, with deferred card payments.
  • Pay-by-cheque (See Pay-By-Cheque)
  • Shopping basket for buying many sign-ups with one card transaction
  • Discounts ­ where buying two or more sign-ups qualifies the user for a discount
  • Early-bird sign-up fees e.g. £10 until 1st May, £15 until closing date
  • Hot Tickets – we can ease frustration and panic for fast-selling events by giving users ample time to complete sign-ups and pay for them, once they've reserved a slot.
  • Users with accounts can review/manage their own sign-ups, if they change their minds about e.g. an event t-shirt
  • Through our partners, we can protect the value of the sign-up for the user, against the risks of illness/injury/relocation etc

Card processing

EntryCentral.com uses the established payment clearance house Stripe to handle users' payment card details. The following card types are accepted:

  • VISA
  • VISA Debit
  • VISA Electron
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro

Stripe implements Verified By VISA and Mastercard SecureCode for added protection on cards that are registered with these schemes.

Other payment methods

EntryCentral acknowledges that some users will not want to enter their card details onto the internet, no matter how secure the system. We support two other ways for your customers to sign-up:


The user fills in a sign-up form at EntryCentral, but at checkout time chooses to pay by cheque rather than by card. The user is given a unique number to write on the back of a cheque, and the address of one of your organiser team to whom it should be posted. This feature is optional for each event or membership.

Paper forms

Organisers can continue to distribute paper forms, and when they are returned, the organiser can log on to EntryCentral and type in the entrant details from paper forms. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but it helps to keep all your data in one place, and if there's an email address we'll send an email receipt so you can acknowledge the sign-up for free.

EntryCentral can replace any existing database you have.


Security is paramount at EntryCentral.

Low cost

Service charges - card payments

We offer a low-cost service charge. 4% or £0.50 (whichever is greater) on payments and refunds, VAT­inclusive. So items or £12.50 or less have a 50p service charge, and items more than £12.50 have a 4% service charge.


  • £5 entry fee, 50p Service Charge
  • £10 entry fee, 50p Service Charge
  • £30 entry fee, £1.20 Service Charge

EntryCentral charges can be surcharged directly to the user, or paid by you the organiser later, or split between competitor and organiser. Smaller upfront surcharges to users results in more card payments, and less work for organisers.

For low-cost events the Service Charge is less than the cost of sending a cheque with second-class postage.

Events with more than 1500 entrants may be able to negotiate better rates, please get in touch for more info.

Service charges - pay-by-cheque confirmations

As organiser you can choose to opt in or out of the pay-by-cheque feature. The user types in all their details on EntryCentral, has decided to pay-by-cheque, and has sent you a cheque with a unique reference. Confirming receipt of the cheque completes the sign-up.

£0.50 per confirmation is charged by EntryCentral to you the organiser.

Organisers can choose not to support pay-by-cheque for each event or membership

Service charges - paper/VIP entries

Where you receive a completed paper entry form and a cheque, you type the details into EntryCentral through your login. It results in an immediate email receipt to the entrant/joiner. This is free of charge.

EU Payment Services Directive 2018

EntryCentral is one channel you can use for accepting sign-ups for your event, you can also for example use other agencies and accept sign-ups offline. It is the organiser's responsibility to ensure that all payment methods offered come to the same final price, after any/all Service Charges have been applied.

The EntryCentral Guarantee

Our charging structure allows you financially risk-free use of EntryCentral. If you choose to surcharge the EntryCentral charge to the user, don’t do any refunds, and switch off pay-by-cheque, your use of EntryCentral costs you nothing.


EntryCentral will issue a statement of financial activity and will settle directly to your nominated bank account every Monday, for the previous week’s activity. The statement details income and charges for each of your events/memberships. We don't require you to manage another costly relationship with any third-party services such as PayPal or Stripe.