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Warrington Dolphins LDSC 5th 1500m Championships (800m & 1500m Junior Championships)

04 Feb 2017

Warrington Dolphins Long Distance Swimming Club

are proud to present

2017 Winter Indoor 1500m Swimming Championships

Saturday 4th February 2017

Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub

Jubilee Way, Orford, Warrington, WA2 8HE

 Event Categories:

  • 800 metres freestyle (any stroke) – Junior (over 8 and under 12 yrs on the day of the swim)
  • 1500 metres freestyle and breaststroke`– Junior (over 12 and under 16 yrs on the day of the swim)
  • 1500 metres freestyle and breaststroke– Senior (over 16 yrs on the day of the swim)   

Championship trophies awarded to the overall fastest Male and Female 1500 metres Junior and Senior events. (If this happens to be a breaststroke swimmer then the Championship Trophy and the breaststroke Trophy will be awarded to that swimmer).

Award for the swimmer finishing closest to their predicted finishing time and who has not won any other award. 

Certificates for all swimmers completing their event.


Barbara Harding, 20 Sandy Lane, Stockton Heath, Warrington WA4 2AY

Email Tel. 07818 226413


£10.00 Junior swim and buffet

£19.50 Senior swim and buffet

£6.50 Additional buffet

Receipts will be sent by email when an entry is received. Please enter in good time and check receipt of entry to guarantee your place in the competition.


Will take place on the poolside and will open at 4.15 p.m. All competitors are to register on arrival. 

The first heat will commence at 4.35 p.m.

Championship Notes - All events

1.  It is advised that competitors arrive at least 30 minutes before their heat.

2.  If a competitor is unable to attend the event, it would be greatly appreciated if they could notify the organiser at   as soon as possible prior to the event.

3.  Competitiors will receive an information pack prior to the event via email. This will include the start times and names of swimmers in each heat.

4.  The event will commence with the junior 800m heats, followed by the junior and then the senior 1500m heats.

5.  There will be a maximum of 14 1500m swimmers per heat (max two swimmers per lane, one swimmer in the end lanes.)

6.  The first heat will commence at 4.35 p.m. Swimmers in the first heat must be on the poolside and ready to swim by 4,30 p.m.

7.  Competitors of the next heats will be called 10 minutes before the end of the previous one.

8.  Competitors will start in the water 

9.  A 5-minute warm-up will be available to swimmers before the start of their heat.

10.The referree's decision is final. 

11. Junior swimmers must be accompanied to the event by a parent/guardian who must remain at the Orford Jubilee Centre whilst the Championships and presentations are taking place. 

 Buffet & Presentation

The event will be followed by the buffet and presentation of awards and certificates. This will take place in the Jubilee Suite.

The Bar in the Jubilee Suite will be available from 7:15pm.

Note: If you are unable to attend the Buffet and Presentation, please nominate a person who will be present to collect your certificate or altenatively contact the event organiser.



Full Results will be available at following the event.

Dates and Status
EventDateAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
Warrington Dolphins LDSC 5th 1500m Championships04 Feb 2017??/60Closed28 Jan 2017
Warrington Dolphins LDSC 5th 1500m Junior Championships04 Feb 2017??/14Closed28 Jan 2017
Warrington Dolphins LDSC 5th 800m Junior Championships04 Feb 2017??/10Closed28 Jan 2017

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Event Address
Orford Park, Jubliee Way, Warrington, WA2 8HE