This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon

02 Apr 17

Thank you for entering the PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon 2017.


RUN - 4 miles: BIKE - 18 miles: RUN - 2.5 miles.


The run section is on pavement / tarmac. The bike section is all on road.


Start Time is 9.00 am. in either 1 or 2 "wave's" 5-minutes apart, depending on numbers.


Race Venue: Castor Village Hall. Peterborough Road. Castor. Peterborough. PE5 7AX.

Registration will be open from 7:30am - 8:40am.


The Race is open to first time Novices, Seasoned Athletes or Relay Teams of either 2 or 3.


Entry Fee:

BTF Members: £24:60 + production of your 2017 BTF License at Registration. 

non-BTF Members: £29:73 (EntryCentral's fee has been split 50/50 with the organiser's).

Relay Teams only pay once at £24 + Transaction Charges + £5 for each non-BTF member.


There will be Trophies in each 5-year Age Group to compete for, and each athlete will receive a T-Shirt and Medal.


Minimum Age 15 Years on 2nd April 2017.

A Parental Consent Form will need to be signed for anybody under 18 years of Age. See 


Refunds up to 5th March less £12 handling charge. No refunds after 5th March.


Note: by entering on-line, you agree that you will receive race information on-line. This is available on the PACTRAC Club website - 

Results will be available on our website shortly after the race.


Full Terms and Conditions can be viewed at   By entering on-line, you are stating that you have read, understand and agree to these.


Steve Hope

01780 481172

Dates and Status
EventDateAvailable/TotalStatusClosing Date
PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon02/04/2017??/150Closed29/03/2017
PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon (2-person relay)02/04/2017??/150Closed28/03/2017
PACTRAC Peterborough Duathlon (3-person relay)02/04/2017??/150Closed28/03/2017

These events share a common pool of 150 places


To sign-up for this event on EntryCentral, the Service Fee is 2.5% (min 30p) for each sign-up. The organiser also pays 2.5% (min 30p)

Event Address
Castor Village Hall, Peterborough Road, Castor. Peterborough. PE5 7AX.