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22 Nov 2020

This Festival is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.
This Festival is scheduled to launch for live sign-ups on 31 Oct 2020 20:00

Organiser's Description

Welcome to our Lendrick Muir Races - a 1 day event 22nd November 2020

Lendrick Muir, Rumbling Bridge, Kinross, KY13 0QA

This race will be run under Covid-19 guidance for outdoor sporting events, please read the information at the foot of this page and tick to say you have read and agree to abide by the guidance given, for the health and safety of all who attend.

IF WE HAVE TO CANCEL this event due to Covid restrictions, it will go VIRTUAL please tick the box on the entry form if you DONT want to do it virtually.

Briefing online, 1st race off at 10am, short course and kids races 11:15am, bib numbers wil be handed to you in your car as you arrive, no prizegiving any unclaimed medals will be posted.

Prizes 1st - 3rd in each age group/category & fastest newcomer. 

Sponsored by The Happy Go Lucky Dog Co Limited

Entry fees Long Course (4.6k) £16, Short course (2k) £10 



SPECTATORS No Spectating allowed at the start/finish areas, if you are walking in the estate or near the course please do not gather in groups of more than 2 housholds max 6 people, maintain a 2 meter social distance from other people at all times.

DOGS Please do not handle any other dog or allow your dog to be handled, maintain a 2m social distance at all times. You must run with a dog no no-dog runners may race. Dogs must be a year old on the day of the race, in season, pregnant or lactating bitches are not permitted to race. Bitches in Season should be kept well away from the start / finish area and not taken on or near the course if brought to the event.
Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times during the race and should not be run in a slip lead, check/choke chain, head collar, flexie lead or any collar that restricts breathing, if a muzzle is required it should be of the wire greyhound racing style. For your dogs comfort we suggest they run in a suitable harness, some equipment may be available for sale or hire on the day.
Dogs should not be brought to the event if they are coughing or have recently been in contact with infectious disease. It is the owners responsibility to ensure their dog is fit and healthy before racing. If in doubt consult your vet.
A dog may only run in one 5k event per day. If a dog runs the junior 2k class or short course and the owner is happy with the dogs fitness it may also run in the 5k class.

AGE GROUPS Are for runners age on day of race, the organiser has the right to split or combine age gender/groups/classed based on numbers entered. To split an age group, gender or class at least 6 entries required in each category.
Our age groups, subject to entries should be: 7-10, 11-15, 16-39, 40-49, 50+, 60+and 2 dog - male and female if enough entries are recieved to merit a split.
A 15 year old may opt to run long course but may not then revert to short course for future events.
We are expecting entrants to run (slow running is OK) anyone wishing to walk shoud contact the organiser before you enter.

SEEDED STARTS Race starts are staggered and seeded for safety and to minimise overtaking. Waves of 5 runners will go to the start at their given time, there will be a 5 minute gap between each wave. Please put your current 5k personal best time on the entry form (if you dont know please estimate). The fastest racers will be seeded on historic results. The organisers may alter your start position based on historic results if they feel your position in the start list would meant multiple overtakes are likely. Please give an accurate PB as manual manipulations add to the time it takes to process the race. If your PB changes prior to closing date please let the organiser know.

BORROWED DOGS It is presumed that you are running with your own dog. If you must borrow a dog to race with you may only enter a single dog category (no borrowed dogs in the 2 dog categorey), you should be familiar with each other, have trained together prior to the race, the handler should be aware of the dogs behavior in a race environment and be responsible for its care throughout the event. You will not be permitted to race with a borrowed dog that you have only just met. 

CHILDREN runners age 7 - 10, on the day of the race, must be accompanied by a close family member/from the same household who is also attached to the dog, on foot (no bikes). 11 - 15 year olds can run alone but may have an adult with them if desired. The adult is there for safety only the child must handle the dog themselves, the adults line should be longer than the childs line. The child and dog should cross the finish line first, before the acompaning adult. It is presumed that children will be running a family dog, if they must borrow a dog to race with it should be of an appropriate size and strength that the child could handle the dog alone. All children attending the event to run or spectate must be supervised by an adult at all times and instructed not to handle any other dogs.

KIDS RACES / SHORT COURSE / FUN RUN is a shorter option for adults or for those wanting to have a go at canicross, adults wanting to accompany their kids and enter the fun run/short course can do so as long as the dogs in question get along or are welcome to share a dog. Children may run a single dog only, you may run one or 2 dog in adult fun run (put both dogs names in the one file on entry form) NOTE There are no prizes for the Adults Fun Run.
NOTE: This event is tightly timetabled, due to Covid safe format, if you choose to enter long and short course with different dogs it is your responsibility to be at the start at your given time, please ask the organiser in advance/BEFORE the start list is published if you think this might be an issue (i.e. if your PB is 23mins plus) so we can place you accordingly. We are expecting entrants to run (slow running is OK) anyone wishing to walk should contact the organiser before you enter.

RUNNERS FITNESS Please do not run if you are injured or ill, if you have a recurring injury you can still be involved by marshaling, if you pull out during the race you must inform a marshal who will radio the finish not to expect you otherewise we will send out a search party. If someone is injured as you pass inform the next marshal
who has a radio and will call for help. Running with a current injury can spoil someone elses race as they may stop to help you.

BRIEFING Will be in advance by email and online, a course video will be available, this course has no major hazards a few tree roots and a short board walk which can be avoided.. 

INSURANCE The race will be covered by event/public liability insurance but all racers attend the event and run at their own risk. Our insurance does not cover personal injury to competitors, we suggest suitable personal insurance for canicross is taken out.

CHANGES TO ENTRIES Changes to entries must be made by email only to canisportsscotland@hotmail.co.uk substituting of dogs is allowed, and can be made on the day, but we are unable to transfer an entry to another runner. If you need to transfer between classes, i.e. one dog to two dog or long course to short course etc., this should be done before entries close and the start the list is published (entries usually close the Sunday before each race). Start list is published in advance to pick up any minor errors only. There is no refund available if you withdraw from the event. If you must withdraw due to injury etc. but marshal instead your entry can be transfered to a future race.

CANCELLATION Should the race have to be cancelled or postponed in advance by the organiser decision full refunds will be given to all entrants HOWEVER should the race have to be cancelled at the last minute for reason beyond the organisers control, including a change in Covid-19 guidance, or in the event of bad weather, making the course too dangerous to run we are unable to give refunds or transfer entries in these circumstances.
NOTE it is the entrants responsibility to check the race is still on before traveling, the organisers will, post on facebook, and email all entrants if there are any last minute changes - please check your email before traveling.

FACILITIES Please respect the facilities and venue. Clean up after your dog in all areas and on the course
Toilet areas should not be used to wash mud off legs, children, dogs, shoes etc. Sinks are for hand washing only. Bring suitable changes of clothes, towels wet wipes with you. Keep dogs out of the buiding and on the lead in all areas of the venue, car park and on the course. NO DOG WALKING IN THE ESTATE AFTER THE EVENT

CATERING There is no catering due to Covid restictions, bring your own flask/lunch

CAMPING No camping avialble at this event

SAFETY Please READ all race briefing and emailled instructions. 
Human and Canine first-aiders are on duty at all events wearing high viz yellow vests, please ask if you or your dog are inneed of help.

Emergency Vet
Alphavet, Kinross, 39 High Street Kinross, KY13 8AN. Tel: 01577 863328


Cani-Sports Scotland
RACE DIRECTOR - Karen Connal, 40 Netherhouse Avenue, Lenzie. G66 5NG Tel:  0777 904 1322


Canisports Scotland – Lendrick Muir Races
Covid 19 - Pre Race Briefing

*The event is defined as “all areas of the Lendrick Muir Estate, car parking and the course including the start and finish area”.

1) Do not attend the event* if you are suffering from one or more Covid 19 Symptoms.

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste


2) Do not attend the event if you are in self isolation or are shielding even if you are accompanying someone else.

3) Be aware that if you are in a higher risk category, as set out by the Government, that attending the event puts you at an increased risk.

4) You should maintain the 2m distance rule at all times throughout the event in all areas, including walking to and from the start/finish and on the course.

The 2m distance rule takes precedence over a second or 2 on your time, please wait to overtake till you can give a wide berth, overtaking on narrow sections is not allowed. Timetabling and seeding will help prevent congestion.

5) Please arrive at the venue no more than 20 minutes before your start time and please do not move up to the start line until your given time and when asked to do so by a marshal, follow the one way system.

6) Please clear the finish area as quickly as possible, keep moving, do not lie down, do not stop to spectate or wait for others, return to your vehicle and leave the venue as soon as possible.

7) Do not handle another dog

8) Do not allow anyone else to handle your dog

9) Keep your dog on a lead at all times in all areas

10) Spectating at the start or finish areas is not allowed, if walking in the estate near the course you must not gather in groups exceeding 6 people (max 2 households) you must maintain the 2m distance rule

11) When you have finished your race please leave the venue as quickly as possible.

12) Socialising out-with race times within the bounds of the event you must abide by current government guidance, you must not gather in groups exceeding 6 people (max 2 households).

Anyone seen to not be obeying these rules and guidance will be asked to leave the event and their result will be removed from the race(s)

Please tick the relaveant box at checkout to agree to the above guidance


The organiser has included pricing details in the Organiser's Description
The organiser has included pricing details in the Organiser's Description
For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

Dates and Status

Date: 22 Nov 2020

Closing Date: 15 Nov 2020

Places Available/Total: ??/100

Status: Open



Karen Connal



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