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East Fife Triathlon Club - Juniors Block Booking

17 Jun 2018

The next block for East Fife Triathlon Club Juniors Sunday sessions is now open. 

Please do not sign up for this block unless you are a member of East Fife Triathlon Club. 

Dates:                  Sunday 29th April – 17th June 2018

Venue:                 East Sands Leisure Centre & West Sands Loop


There are 2 options available:

Swim Bike Run: 

8 weeks at £6.00 per week = £48.00       

0800 - 1100

Meet at East Sands Leisure Centre, Poolside. 

As we are now in the midst of race season our swim sessions will incorporate open water work to help those that are racing develop the skills and confidence required to race in open water situations. 

Bike / Run sessions will follow the format described below. 


Bike Run:           

8 weeks at £4.00 per week = £32.00        

0930 - 1100

Meet at the West Sands Loop (at the far end).

Please be there at 9.30 sharp and ready to go on your bike.  

Running will take place afterwards at the same venue.

Tristarts and Tristars 1 will train here every week.

Tristars 2 & Tristars 3 will remain at the leisure centre on 29 April, 13 May and 27 May for spinning followed by strength & conditioning training. 


On the 17th June we hope to run a fun duathlon/ aquathlon at a venue to be announced.


Any further announcements about additional training sessions/ venues will be communicated via our Facebook Page.  If you have any questions please email




East Fife Juniors Comprehensive Kit Check List

In order for your child to get the most out of their training sessions please ensure they have the following items.  We would encourage you to give the list to your children so that they can get used to taking responsibility for packing their own kit bags.


☐ Swimsuit

☐ Goggles

☐ Swim Hat (if needed)

☐ Towel

☐ Water Bottle

☐ Swim Floats (kick board and pull buoy) - if you have them


☐ BIKE – Must be working with properly inflated tyres

☐ Helmet – No helmet = No riding!!

☐ Bike Lock – if you have one to secure your bike when not in use.

☐ Gloves – full finger warm gloves

☐ Warm sports clothes – Ideally including a long sleeved thermal base layer. Snug fitting clothes including full length tracksuit bottoms, leggings or sports tights - no loose bottoms that might get caught in moving parts of the bike.

☐ Wind / Waterproof Jacket – if 11 or over please ensure this is Hi Viz or put a Hi Viz bib over the top

☐ Bike or running shoes

☐ Water Bottle in bottle cage on bike.

☐ Working bike lights – if 11 or over


☐ Running Shoes

☐ Hat

☐ Gloves – full finger warm gloves

☐ Warm clothes – Sports kit suitable for running that allows free movement. Ideally including a long

sleeved thermal base layer.

☐ Wind / Waterproof Jacket

☐ Water Bottle.




East Fife Tri Juniors Sunday Sessions FACTS

Children between the age of 8 and 18 are welcome to our junior training sessions. We look at the group of children that attend every week and split them into lanes for the hour in the pool so that the kids are working alongside people with a similar ability.

We also have a learn-to-swim lane which we are trialling for the first block and this will be split into two 30 minute sessions.  If your child is taking part in this please be present to help them in changing rooms if required.

Some parents have a concern that 3 hours of activity is a lot especially for the younger kids, what do we suggest?

Although the sessions last for 3 hours the kids are never actually exercising for that long, they are taking breaks while swimming, and then have the opportunity to get changed and dry their hair before having a break to eat some snacks and take a drink. The bike and run sessions offer plenty of breaks, and if the weather is too cold or wet, then we finish the session slightly earlier. Our priority is that the kids don’t get too cold or wet. We also suggest that for kids who feel they can’t do the whole 3 hours, that they come only for the bike and run session, 9-11 to begin with and ease themselves into the training.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Our minimum requirement for attendance is that the child can swim 2 lengths front crawl with their face in the water. The kids that attend have varied swimming ability, so don’t be put off if you aren’t in a swim club, we will help you become a better swimmer! If swimming is not up to the minimum ability, and the learn to swim section is full we can accept kids for the bike/run session from 9-11 and then either suggest getting them signed up for lessons at the local pool or our coaches can provide 1-2-1 swim coaching on request.


What type of bike do I need?

Kids can attend on any sort bike BUT IT MUST BE in good working order. Children will be excluded from the bike session if the bike is deemed not roadworthy, we have to be very strict on this for the safety of all the kids attending. A helmet is mandatory and no child will be allowed to take part in training without one. We also encourage parents to sell bikes between kids, so that as they grow out of a bike, it can be sold to younger kids, and saving everyone some money. If the weather is particularly frosty or wet, we suggest bringing a mountain bike or putting knobbly tyres on the bike as then the bike training can be done ‘off road’.  We have a small number of road bikes which we lease for £10 per month – if this is something you are interested in please email



Each session costs £5, for 3 hours of coached and supervised training, we feel that is a bargain!! To join the club, it’s £20 a year for a junior membership and we have discounted rates for families with more than one sibling in the club.


What is the format of the junior sessions?

Timings and activities may change due to weather – we have space booked for turbo sessions and circuits if required.

7.55-8am Arrive at East Sands Leisure Centre

8am- Access to the pool and the swim session begins

9am- Exit the pool and kids have the time to change and dry their hair and have a quick shower

9.20am - Over 11’s (if assessed as bike competent) will take part in a led bike ride which will incorporate strength and skills training. If weather bad this will be a turbo/ spin session

9.20 am – Under 11’s, bike safety, bike skills and race skills

10:00 – 10 minute break

10.10 – circuits/ strength & conditioning and running

11am- junior training finishes


What kit do I need to bring?

Swimming: Swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, shampoo etc and a towel. 20 pence for the hairdryer.

If you have them please bring kickboard, pull buoy and fins (only if you have them already as we do have ones to borrow).

Cycling: Working bike, helmet mandatory, warm and waterproof trousers and jacket, base layer to keep warm, like a thermal. We don’t recommend baggy joggy bottoms as they don’t keep kids very warm and when they get wet, they are heavy and uncomfortable, so leggings of some sort are better. Gloves and a hat to wear under the helmet, kids get extremely cold especially in typical Scottish weather. Cycling shoes or trainers

Running: Running shoes, the above clothing is required but if warmer then a t-shirt might be appropriate.

Food: Please always come with a filled water bottle and some snacks to keep you going and to take in the short break.

What can adults do while kids are training? Adults have the option of leaving the kids there with the coaches and returning for 10.45am. Feel free to have a run on the beach, go for a bike ride, walk the dog, go to the shops! In our experience children concentrate better when not having to think about their parents watching them from the side-lines in training sessions – particularly on the bike when we need them to be looking ahead and where they are going as opposed to off to the side where their parent may be standing! Please trust that they will be fine with our experienced coaches and that we will call if necessary.


Elise Methven
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17 Jun 2018£32.00

For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

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