Level 2 Advanced ChiWalking, Tayvallich (1330-4pm) Nov has now closed and you will not be able to sign-up for it. Please check the Info for any organiser updates.
This event is in a testing state, and is not open for public sign-ups until the organiser has launched it.

Level 2 Advanced ChiWalking, Tayvallich (1330-4pm) Nov

19 Nov 17

Level 2 Advanced ChiWalking (2.5 hours) 

This Level 2 half day class is ideal for those who have already been to a ChiWalking workshop and feel ready to go on to the next level or learn new skills. The class will first start with a quick ChiWalking refresher/review and then build on the Level 1 ChiWalking Essentials class looking at ChiWalking form focuses, walking at different speeds (aerobic fitness walking and cardio walking) whilst maintaining form, the Chi lean (essential for fast walking and if you are looking to explore ChiRunning) and how to ChiWalk easily and efficiently up and down hills. Class participants will be introduced to a suite of body looseners and stretches, which can be used prior to and following walking. Following the class you will receive a short, slow motion video which will provide feedback on your individual walking style with recommendations for how to improve your walking form. This is included in the price of the workshop. 

Who is ChiWalking for?: ChiWalking can help your walking whether you are an occasional stroller or an avid, all year round hill walker. If you want to walk better, with fewer aches and pains, feel more energised, less out of breath and fitter - then ChiWalking is for you. This advanced workshop will introduce you to fitness walking, cardio walking and hill walking to increase aerobic capacity and general body fitness.

Location of Workshop: Tayvallich, Mid Argyll.

Time/duration: 1330-4pm (2.5 hours)

Fitness: For this workshop you need to be happy to walk at a fast pace for 20-30 minute intervals. We will also be looking at how to walk up and down steep hills effectively, efficiently and as part of a fitness regime (if that were something you were interested in taking forward).

Medical Conditions: If you are interested in this workshop but are worried about your level of fitness, please do get in touch. If you are recovering from any illness or injury, you may wish to speak to your doctor or physiotherapist before attending to ensure that it is compatible with your recovery programme. You must let Past-Tracks know in advance of any medical conditions (such as heart problems, mobility issues, breathing problems etc) you have that you think may be an issue.

More Information: To find out more information about ChiWalking, including client testimonials, please go to www.past-tracks.co.uk/chiwalking.asp If you need further information about this workshop please email  or phone 01546 870642/07973803138 for an informal chat.



Biddy Simpson


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Date: 19/11/2017

Status: Closed

Total Places: 12

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18 Nov 2017£25.00

For each sign-up, the organiser pays the Service Fee of 4% (min 50p). You pay no surcharge

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