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Aberfeldy Sprint Triathlon 2017

14 May 2017



Welcome to the Aberfeldy Sprint Triathlon. The event village is located at Breadalbane Community Campus, which will provide a fantastic base for the day’s activities.

Live Active Leisure are delighted to announce that in 2017 we will continue to run an individual and a team relay element in the Aberfeldy Sprint Triathlon. With the aim to make the event truly inclusive continuing with a relay element means that newcomers to the sport of triathlon can have a go without taking on all of the three disciplines. The team competition will run within the individual event and you can enter teams comprising of two or three athletes.



Individual entries:

Swim to Bike transition

On exiting the swim, you must run into the allocated transition area. You must have your helmet secured before leaving transition. You can then walk/run with your bike to the mount line, you must mount beyond this line.

Bike to Run transition.

On completion of the bike leg, dismount your bike at the dismount line and walk/run into the transition area and rack your bike in your transition space. Unclip and remove your helmet before running out.



Team Relay:

Swimmers will start off with the timing chip which will act as the relay “baton” throughout the race and be worn around left ankles.

Each team will be allocated a race number, at registration, your team will be issued with two race numbers, one for cyclist and one for runner.


Swim to Bike transition

On exiting the swim the team swimmer must run into their allocated transition area space, remove their timing chip and pass this on to the team cyclist who will be waiting in the transition area by their bike. The cyclist must place the chip around their left ankle before leaving transition with their helmet secure. Walk/run with your bike to the mount line and mount your bike beyond the mount line.

Bike to Run transition.

On completion of the bike leg, dismount your bike at the dismount line and walk/run into the transition area and rack your bike in your transition space. Un clip and remove your helmet before running over to the relay handover zone. Remove your timing chip and pass to your team runner who is waiting in the handover zone. Runners then place the chip around their left ankle before leaving the Zone.


Entry Price:

One or more members of TS or BTF

Non Members

Early Bird up to 31st March



Team Relay Surcharge



1st April to 11th May



Team Relay Surcharge




Presentation and Prizes:

There will a prize for overall first, second and third place as well as in each individual category.  The presentation will take place in Breadalbane Community Campus and an estimated time for this will be published once we confirm the number of heats. 



Registration is located inside the Campus in the two court sports hall. Please enter the building via the main reception where you will guided to the hall. At registration you will receive your race number, timing chip and event goody bag. Your swim heat will be allocated, based on your estimated swim time, fast heats will go off last, not so fast heats go off first.  Swim heat times will be posted along with final race information on the Live Active Leisure web site no later than 5pm on Friday 12th May 2017


Registration times:

Heats 1-5      08:30-10:00

Heats 6-10   10:00-11:45


Race Briefing:

Heats 1-5      09:45

Heats 6-10   11:30


Estimated swim heat start times:

Heat 1 10:00

Heat 2 10:40

Heat 3 11:05

Heat 4 11:27

Heat 5 11:47

Heat 6 12:06

Heat 7 12:25

Heat 8 12:40

Heat 9 12:52

Heat 10 13:03


Race Route:



The swim is a 750m Pool swim (30 lengths). There will be 5 lanes, 5 athletes per lane in each heat. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 heats will operate. Athletes will be placed in heats according to their indicated estimated swim time, slower heats going off first. You will be set off at 5 second intervals according to your allocated swim hat colour. You must not overtake slower swimmers within your lane. If you are faster than the swimmer in front of you, touch their feet and the slower swimmer must allow you to overtake at the turn.  A lap counter will indicate 2 lengths to go by “tapping” your head or feet if you use tumble turns, with a swim float. Do not argue with the lap counter, you have swum your 30 lengths when they tell you.



The cycle route (20km) is a one lap route. Exit the swim by the North doors of the pool hall and continue to run towards the transition area inside the marked coned area and until you reach your allocated transition area. Collect your bike and push it to the mount/dismount line, mount your bike and cycle out of the Campus grounds, turning right into Alma Avenue.  At the bottom of Alma Avenue, turn left into Kenmore Street. Continue down Kenmore Street to the mini roundabout and turn right into Taybridge Drive, continuing along until you meet the Golf Club Junction.  Here you will be marshalled left over Wades Bridge.  Continue over Wades Bridge, ignoring the traffic lights keeping INSIDE the coned lane and continue on to the village of Weem.  Keep to the main road through Weem and continue out to Comrie Bridge, turning left over the bridge into Kenmore Road. Continue to Kenmore around Drummond Hill. At the T junction turn left into the Aberfeldy Road and continue over the bridge again keeping INSIDE the coned area and ignoring the traffic lights.  Follow the main road out of Kenmore and back to Aberfeldy.  On arriving back into Aberfeldy continue along Kenmore Street until you reach Alma Avenue on your right.  Turn right into Alma Avenue and next left into the Campus, dismount at the dismount line and enter the transition area. DO NOT FORGET TO RACK YOUR BIKE. Helmets must be fitted securely with chin strap clipped before you remove your bike from your transition rack and left secured until your bike is racked. Your helmet must be secure at all times whilst you are in contact with your bike. This event is a non-drafting event. The draft zone is a rectangle measuring 7m long by 3m wide that surrounds every cycle on the cycle course. The front edge of the front wheel defines the centre of the leading 3m edge of the rectangle. A competitor may enter the draft zone of another competitor, but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 15 seconds is allowed to progress though the draft zone of another competitor. If an overtaking manoeuvre is not completed within 15 seconds, the overtaking cyclist must drop back out of this zone.


Run Route:

Leave the transition area, heading towards the church. Continue towards the Crieff Road running along the side of the Church, which will be on your right. Turn left onto Crieff Road and then turn left at the bottom of the road onto Kenmore Street. Turn left again onto Alma Avenue, and continue on the left hand side of the road up the hill past the pithces until you reach a track where you will turn left and carry along until a sharp right will take you onto Urlar road.  Run on the left hand side until you come to a fork in the road  Continue round to your right where the road flattens out. Continue to the turn around point where there will be a water station. Turn at this point and head back keeping left until you start dropping down the hill towards Crieff road. Half way down the hill turn left onto the track you ran up and carry on for about 100m before you turn right into the Campus grounds. Run down past the pitches and turn right at the bottom of the hill into the finish shute. Cross the finish line with a smile on your face content in the knowledge you have finished the Aberfeldy Sprint Triathlon 2017.


Additional Notes to remember:

On the run section please run on the left at all times unless directed to by a race marshal.

Please do not create any littering during your race. Aberfeldy and the surrounding area is an area of outstanding natural beauty and Live Active Leisure hope that you will leave it that way. Any athlete identified as littering on the field of play will be disqualified.

Car parking is limited at the Campus therefore please be aware that parking is available at Aberfeldy Town Hall, only 100 meters from the Campus and the public car parks at the Birks, 100m from the Campus and the Moness terrace car park which is behind the petrol station approximately 400m from the Campus.

Tayside Contracts are operating a catering service within the Campus offering a wide variety of hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, panini’s, a BBQ and home baking for your enjoyment! 

All updated race information including race notes, route maps and heat allocation sheets will be available on if you do not have access to the internet please phone 01887 822400 and information can be sent out to you. Race results will be emailed out to all registered athletes and posted on the web site from Monday 15th May following the event.


Extra info on Aberfeldy and surrounding areas


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